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Imagine Your Ideal Body – Digital Audio Download $2.97USD

Athletes and physical performers the world over know that if you can see it, you can be it. Envisioning your goals, playing through the actions in your mind’s eye and bringing that awareness to the present in the actual performance are thought to be key in overall success.

How does this apply to weight loss? Of course, you have to do the work of losing the physical and emotional weight, but as with any activity, envisioning the goal, seeing and accepting the results of all that hard work sets a solid foundation for mentally preparing you for your success and helps to keep you motivated.  

Join motivational speaker and extreme weight loss coach Deb Rondeau on a 22 minute journey into yourself through time and to a new view of your future self. On this voyage you will learn to create a state of deep relaxation through an exercise in breathing, consciously isolating and releasing the various parts of your body and finally coming to a path leading to a vision of your goal – the future, thinner, healthier and happier you.

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