I advise people all the time not to weigh themselves. I suggest they trust their bodies to tell them how they are doing based on how their clothes fit and how they feel. Those are the important measures, not a damn number on a scale.

I am seeing a naturopath and have made some lifestyle changes. The naturopath has a really fancy scale that measures body weight, fat and muscle. The first month I lost 17 pounds including 6 pounds of fat. That sounded good to me until she explained the other 11 pounds I lost was muscle. Whoa! Time to increase my workouts!

Today was the end of my second month. I feel amazing and my clothes are looser, but I was dying of curiosity, so I ignored my own advice and hopped on my home scale. I was bummed to see only 10 pounds gone.

When I got on the doctor’s scale, she informed me that I had lost 18 pounds of fat. What?! How could I have lost 18 pounds of fat when the scale was only 10 pounds lighter? That didn’t make sense, until she explained that I had gained 8 pounds of muscle!

Is gaining muscle a good thing? You better believe it! In my eBook, ‘The Weight Between Your Ears is Causing the Weight on Your Ass’, I talk about how my trainer taught me that muscles are fat-burning machines and if you build them up, your muscles will continuously burn fat… even while you are sleeping. If you haven’t already claimed your gift copy of my eBook, get it now at

Are you still a slave to your scale? Do the numbers on the scale dictate how you feel about yourself or what kind of day you will have?

STOP! Throw your scale out the window NOW! There are so many factors that can affect that number. Do not let the scale rule your life! Trust your body; listen to what it is telling you because it will never lead you astray!

Learn to love yourself… just the weigh you are.


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