Hello! My name is Deb Rondeau. Today I feel Phit & Phabulicious!™ but I didn’t always feel this good… 

In 2009, I weighed 430 lbs. That’s a difference of 250 lbs between then and now; that’s the size of an NFL linebacker! You know, one of those great big guys in American football that uses their enormous body to stop the other team from running the ball across the goal line?  

The lessons I learned as I took control of my life were many and immense.  I learned that you are never to old to come back to health and that you can do anything you put your mind to!

I have used my story to inspire individuals and corporations; assisting them to find their own inner spark and to begin the journey back to health.  Check out my Testimonials page to view a sampling of their comments.

I would love to share my story of inspiration at your event.

Deb on stage

Deb speaking at the Authentic Speakers Academy


Deb Rondeau

Dov Baron and Deb Rondeau on Stage at The Authentic Speaker Academy for Leadership event in Vancouver, BC.


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