The Fiirm
February 2012

“The first time I saw Deb was the spring of 2010.  There she was, shuffling around the gym like a lost puppy in a world she knew nothing about.   You have to know this wasn’t some all ladies’ gym or fitness center conglomerate – Deb wandered into what was then known as one of the most hardcore gyms in all of greater Vancouver. This was the type of gym that 35 pound plates were thrown around like frisbees at any poor soul who wasn’t adhering to the gym etiquette.  It’s the type of gym where bigger guys would get intimidated and walk out. But, day after day, there she was trying to pick up any knowledge she could glean from watching the other members. After some time I struck up a conversation with Deb, asking her if she needed any help and letting her know that my services were available to her if she desired. 

Little did I know that it would be me that greatly benefited from that one little question. We quickly started working together and she took on everything I asked of her (although slightly reluctant at times); she persevered and always conquered all the exercises that I threw at her, and as we’ve worked together I noticed so many changes in Deb.  Not only the obvious massive weight loss, but the amazing shift in her outlook on life and more importantly her inward look of herself. 

Her self-talk changed her attitude from what she couldn’t do and turned into what she could do, and she started to hold a grander image of herself.  Now, Deb will try and tell you that I helped her along her path of fitness and that I kept her on that path even when things seemed extremely daunting; what she won’t tell you, or can’t tell you, is that she instilled in me a profound belief in human nature. 

The belief that one can overcome things in life even when they seem insurmountable, that when a person really sets their sights upon a goal and knows in their soul that is what they want, the goal will be attained: that mindsets and self-worth can be changed and life can be better.

These are the things that I truly believe that Deb can bring to the lives of so many people struggling with all the things that come with being drastically overweight and trying to lose it; from sticking to your goals and knowing what you’re going through (remember she has lived it!), to social stigmas, and to finally coming back to being alive again. 

This is the one woman who can truly say “been there done that!” and really, isn’t that what you want when dealing with such a magnificent life change?”

Maarten Van Nus

Trainer and health adviser as seen on the health show on “myinfowebtv”
And as a co-host on the “Weight Loss and the Mind” podcasts

Tina Osen 
February 2012

“It’s hard to believe that I have worked with Deb for 18 years now.   She has always been a talented, remarkable, thoughtful, generous  individual.  However, it is in the last two years that I’ve seen the most magical transformation with her.  Don’t get me wrong…what she has accomplished in weight loss has been phenomenal and transformational. 

The sheer determination and courage it takes to undergo that kind of weight loss, keep at it, day in and day out and maintain it like she has done has left me in awe.   When I have trouble sticking to something I just give myself a quick reminder of what she has accomplished and it fuels me to tackle any task. However it is the inside transformation that has just blown me away.   She truly is a different person. 

She was always wonderful but her determination to share her success and inspire others to accomplish similar goals has been fantastic.  She truly has started an entire wellness movement within our office and there are many people that have made positive, healthy lifestyle changes because of what they have witnessed Deb do.  Thanks to her quiet, thoughtful encouragement she gives them she inspires them to achieve their goals and helps them find ways to motivate themselves even on the  tough days.  

Her desire to take on public speaking, put herself out there and be there for a bigger purpose has frankly just blown me away.   I know others could benefit from Deb’s help because I’ve had the opportunity to see her in action and the impact that she has had on at least a dozen people just within our company”

Tina Osen
President & Chief Executive Officer
Hub International Insurance Brokers

Karen Proctor 
February 2012

“Please allow me to share my thoughts of my “connection” to Deb Rondeau.

It is funny really, how people are brought together.

I have worked in the same office as Deb for 7 years, but other than saying “hi” once in awhile, did not know her on a personal level at all.  What I did know of her however, was that we both shared an unspoken “unhappiness”, which of course was our weight.  Although not faced with the same seemingly insurmountable number, in so far as the scale was concerned, I knew for certain that if we could both have but one wish, it would be to feel “normal”.  

Then something truly wonderful started happening.  I noticed that this woman, who was so unhappy within herself, started to slowly come out from behind her “wall” and become a little friendlier each time I saw her.

It was shortly thereafter that I noticed a physical change in her as well.  It seemed that the pounds were coming off, and although we had never spoken on a personal level before, I just knew that I had to approach her and find out what she had discovered, that I had not.

This, then began a friendship and trust that I treasure, for I too followed her lead and lost the baggage that had caused me such misery and self loathing.  Thank heavens for email, as this gave me the courage to discuss our issues, “weigh-in” on each others’ weekly progress and share the joys, and a few setbacks along our journey.

Needless to say, that “life happens”, and I lost my way about a year ago.  In gaining all but 20 lbs of my initial weight loss back; I felt so ashamed at my failure.  There was one person who had faith in me.  That one person was Deb.  She would email me her support and I would email her my disgust with myself.  Finally, just as she said it would, I regained my focus and am now on track once again.  I honestly owe it to her positive and uplifting attitude, as well as seeing the “new, happy, confident” woman that I still work with to this day.  

She has inspired many of us at work, and in her personal life to be better people, or at the very least, to be all that we were meant to be.  For that alone, I am eternally grateful.

Thank you Deb!”

Karen Proctor

Roz Wishinski
February 2012

“1. I have known Deb for over 22 years
2. I witnessed Deb struggle with her weight for years, trying every diet and every  piece of expensive exercise equipment – she just was not ready….  In 2009 the time was right and Deb joined SureSlim and never looked back.  With the weight loss, eating healthy and exercising, Deb’s outlook on life changed.  Over a period time Deb became positive, energetic and confident.  First they were baby steps… and now she is running to reach for the sky.
3. Deb’s perseverance and dedication to a healthier lifestyle gave me the inspiration  to go back to exercising, yoga and meditation and I have been at it now since September of 2010 …  thank you Deb.
4. Deb can and will inspire others just by telling her story.
Best of luck Deb, as I always say to you, we all have choices and you have made yours. Stick to it like you did with getting healthy.”

Roz Wishinski, Vice President, Hub International Insurance Brokers

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