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I have been working with a naturopath for several weeks. The first thing she did was take blood for some very detailed tests to determine 1) what foods are causing bad reactions in my body and 2) was I born with this sensitivity, or did I develop it?

I felt I was eating very healthy. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that many of the foods I thought were good for me, were actually causing inflammation and pain in my joints! Some examples: almonds, hazelnuts, quinoa, spelt, oranges and cranberries.

One month ago, after the test results came in, my naturopath designed an eating program for me and suggested some supplements that could help. I have been following that program 100% for an entire month and last Saturday was my check-in to see how I was doing.

Keep in mind that I have done my weekly workouts with my trainer and training partner each Friday, I started Aquafit classes at my gym, and I am walking regularly. I promised myself this time I would not be a slave to the scale, so I didn’t weigh myself at home or at the gym the entire month.

I have felt huge differences since I began my new eating program. The pain in my joints is gone and my clothes are getting looser. Based on past experiences with diets, I felt that I had lost at least 30 lbs. in the past month (fast weight loss in the beginning has always been my history).

Well, when the naturopath weighed me, she said I had lost 6 lbs. of fat and she was really happy with that!. Of course, my old DIEt mentality kicked in, and I had to ask how many total lbs. I have lost by the scale. The answer was…. 17 lbs.

17 lbs.?  In a month?  Hell, I’ve lost that in a week in the past! I was not happy! On the drive home, I burst into tears in my car.  Logically, I realize that 4 lbs. per week is amazing, but I set myself up, mentally, by expecting the loss should be 30 lbs. or higher.

I am working through the emotional impact this has had on me, but I wonder if you have experienced this before?  Have you set yourself up with high expectiations, then come crashing down when you don’t meet them?  How did you work through this?

I would love to hear your story…..


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 I saw a video on Facebook today. It was made by a young man named Matt Dias. Matt weighed around 495 lbs. when he was 16 and has lost 270 lbs. over 6 years. In the video, he showed the world his body and all his excess skin. He works out very hard, but that cannot tighten skin. 

 Matt was very scared to post that video, but he said, “I can’t preach body positivity and hide who I am.” I am so proud of Matt for loving and accepting his body as it really is! He is a beautiful human being! I needed to learn from him…

 I also feel it is wrong to preach body positivity while hiding, but instead of making a video to tell people what I was going through, I just slowly, but surely, stopped preaching. I have completely stopped blogging and the posts on my Facebook fan page have become sporadic.

 I have been hiding! I felt that if I didn’t have a “positive” message, no one would want to hear from me. I thought if I stumbled, I would have let everyone down, and no one wants to hear from a “loser”, right?

 Today, inspired by Matt Dias, I am “exposing” myself to the world. It is long overdue…

 Late last spring, a person I loved, a person I moved to another country to be with (for life I thought), decided she no longer wanted me. I was devastated! I moved back home, but I never shared what happened except with a few very, very close friends and confidantes. There are people in my life, to this day, that do not know what happened.

 I wasn’t aware of it while I was living it, but looking back now, I can see that I fell into a deep, dark depression, which I am, just now, slowly climbing back from. I cried every day at the slightest provocation. I still cry more often than I would like, but now it is usually triggered by someone asking me a question about my relationship, as opposed to some random song on the radio or a tv show.

 To “numb” the pain, I ate. I also drank almost every day. Not to excess, just one or two drinks to take the edge off so I could sleep, I told myself.

 I made food my best friend and told myself I really needed that friend because I had no one else. What a lie! I hid in my little basement suite and rarely emerged except for work or family obligations. I put on a happy face in public. In private, I shut out everyone that cared for me because I felt I had let them down.

 Fortunately for me, I have some very special people in my life. My oldest son does not understand the changes I have made in my life, but he and his family have supported me through everything. One friend shares her weekly workout with me. Another two call me on a regular basis to talk and to encourage me. One friend grabbed my hand one day and walked with me into an event full of my peers, who I was ashamed to face. And then there are the two gentlemen who support me by gently, but firmly, kicking my butt when I need it. They smile and nod when I make excuses why I can’t be at my scheduled appointments, but really, they know bullshit when they smell it! All these people believed I would find my way back to life one day even when I didn’t believe it. They stood by me, waiting for that day, no matter how hard I tried to push them away! I love you all!

 Now to get down to some exposing… In the time since I returned to Canada, I had regained over 100 lbs. of the 250 lbs. I lost previously. It is not a pretty story, but it is my reality. I am not hiding any longer! There are people that will turn away from me because of my truth, and I am okay with that. I no longer feel the need to please everyone. I did get back to my healthy way of eating. I stopped all drinking and started moving my body on a daily basis. As a result, I am losing weight again, but I will handle it differently this time.

 I have decided not to share about my weight loss on my Phit and Phabulicious! fan page. From personal experience, I believe there is far too much emphasis put on weight! Instead of weight loss, my page will focus on making healthy lifestyle choices and moving your body so you can “feel” Phit and Phabulicious! We all deserve to feel good, no matter what size we are! If you have questions about my weight (or anything else for that matter), message me and I will reply to you personally.

 Now that I have emerged from hiding, I commit to blog weekly, even if it is only to say “Hi! I can’t think of anything to write about this week”. If you would like to read about a specific topic, please send your suggestion to https://www.facebook.com/PhitAndPhabulousDeb or deb@debrondeau.com.

 I do not yet understand why the universe sent me down the path I have been traveling for the past year, but I will keep moving, even if some days I only take baby steps. One day it will become clear; I know there must be a very good reason.

 Are you fighting your own battle right now? Have you overcome huge odds to get where you are today? Won’t you share your story? Look at 22 year old Matt Dias. I’m sure when he posted his video, he never imagined it would bring a 61 year old Canadian woman to tears and inspire her to finally come out of hiding.

 You never know who you might touch and inspire! There is someone waiting to hear your story…



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Check out my video, then tune into the Phit and Phabulicious! radio show on Tuesday, December 3, 2013 at 3pm PST / 6pm EST for the full story of how this great-grandmother got naked and brought her “sexy” back at a “float” spa.



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On my July 30th Phit and Phabulicious! radio show I spoke about how you have to create a “vision” of how your body will look and feel.  I believe a lack of mental preparation plays a big part in yo-yo-ing.  If you have not prepared your mind to accept the new, slim you, it will subconsciously sabotage you back to the fat person, which it considers to be “normal” and “comfortable”!

In the gym, my trainer often says “the body cannot go where the mind has not gone first”.  I searched and found the full, original Brian Stuart Germain quote.  Here it is just for you…

‘Until you have the courage to let yourself surrender to the brave task of envisioning the story of things going well, you are destined to walk another path. The body cannot go where the mind has not gone first.”
Listen to my Phit and Phabulicious! radio show on Tuesday, August 13, 2013 where I will conduct a visioning session.  This will allow you to experience the body of your dreams; and you can revisit that vision any time you choose.  It will be a calming, relaxing experience you will never forget.  All you need in order to participate is a comfortable chair or cushion.

WARNING!  Do not listen to this visioning session while driving a car!

I look forward to having you join me on this new adventure!


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I was reminded of something last weekend, which I feel compelled to warn you about…

There are people in your life that will abandon you if you insist on losing weight.  They might leave after 50 lbs. or after 100 lbs., maybe even as early as after 20 lbs.

Whenever you do something outside the “norm” of your social or family group, you are going to upset somebody!

It is not because your friends or family are bad people or that they do not love you or want the best for you, but, generally, people do not like change. And when you do something that moves you out of “normal”, they will want to put you back in your place.

I wonder if you have ever heard one of these statements: “come on, one won’t hurt” or “you can go back to your healthy eating after the party / after the weekend / next week / next month”?  Well they might as well say on the 12th of Never, because that is likely to be when you will recover from that sabotage!

You are going to have to decide RIGHT NOW!… are you 100% committed and who are you doing this for?  Because unless you are ALL IN, you are likely not going to make it!

And I have to tell you, this applies to anything important in your life, not just weight loss.

So, what’s your answer?  Are you committed to do this for you?  And are you prepared to let the saboteurs go if that is what is required for you to get back to health?  

Only you have the answer… 

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Are you living your life on your terms?  Or are you letting the deadly disease WWTT hold you back from doing what you really want?

WWTT – What Would They Think.  Are you waiting to start that exercise program until you lose weight, you fit into that new gym gear, your stomach gets smaller, your butt gets flatter, tomorrow?

Tomorrow never comes!  It is time to push WWTT to the side!  All those things can happen if you just start moving.  Just take one step at a time!

Stop missing out on life because of what someone else might think or say!

They don’t matter!  You matter!  You can do this!


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Definition of champion:  A Warrior, a Fighter / A militant advocate or defender / One who does battle for another’s rights or honour

I am here to be your champion in weight loss!  I’m not a champion because I’m a winner; because I lost weight and have kept a healthy weight range for the past 2 years. No, that’s not what makes a champion. What makes a champion is getting up every day knowing it’s a new day and you can’t get by on what has gone before.

Look closely at people like Michael Jordan or Muhammad Ali and you will see the discipline, the perseverance and the commitment that went into their success.  They didn’t sit back and relax once they had achieved a certain level of success.  They realized they had to keep at it every day to retain that success!

The problem with trying to win the weight loss game is that “winning” suggests there’s an end. So of course you say “I’ve lost the weight… I’ve won!  Now I can go sit on the bench and not bother any more.”  Well, that’s not what a champion does.  A champion says “I won the race, now the work begins”.  This is a winner attitude vs a champion attitude.

Do you have what it takes to be a champion?  I’m betting you do!  You just need a little help along the way.  You need someone to talk to that knows where you are and what you need.  I wish I had me, this me, the one that’s talking to you, to come talk to me before I got to 430 lbs.  Maybe I wouldn’t have reached 430 lbs.  Maybe I would have stopped at 230 instead of adding another 200 lbs. on top of that! 

Reach out to me today.  Let me be your militant defender.  You can be a champion!

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During my Phit and Phabulicious!™ radio show on June 11, a caller shared about her struggles with cravings. Meli was very interested to learn that these cravings are your body asking for the essential nutrients it is not receiving from the foods you are currently eating.

During the show I promised to provide a list of the foods that are good sources of the nutrients your body requires for good health and here it is:



Protein builds and repairs muscle.

Sources of protein are nuts, seeds, beans, quinoa, lean meats, seafood, rice, green vegetables like broccoli and spinach.



EFAs assist in building muscle, breaking down body fat and stopping the formulation of fat.

Sources of Omega-3 are fish oil, flaxseed oil, walnuts, sesame seeds, avocadoes, some dark leafy green vegetables (kale spinach, mustard greens) canola oil* (cold-pressed/unrefined), salmon, mackerel and whole eggs.

Sources of Omega-6 are flaxseed oil, grapeseed oil, pistachio nuts, sunflower seeds, olive oil, borage oil, evening primrose oil and chestnut oil.



Carbohydrates are your body’s premier source of energy.  They assist protein to do its’ job building and repairing muscle. Carbs are also a premier source of dietary fibre, which aids in your body having a healthy digestive system and lowering cholesterol.

WARNING: If you do not get enough carbs, your body will begin breaking down muscle to get the necessary energy!

Sources of good Carbs are fruits, nuts, green leafy vegetables, beans, sweet potatoes, quinoa, rice and most vegetables



During my show I told you that I “dumped” dairy from my eating program because I feel that cow’s milk is best for making baby cows gain weight quickly, but not so good for the human body!  Here is a list of foods that are rich sources of calcium:

Almonds, flax seeds, sesame seeds and tofu*


* In North America today, most of the soy, corn and canola are genetically-modified (GMOs) and I try to avoid these at all costs. Make sure if you are buying these products that they are certified organic!

Green Eggs and Ham - Monsanto









I trust you will find this information helpful. If you have questions or comments, please reply. Thank you.

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Tuesday, June 4th was the debut of the new live “Phit and Phabulicious!TM” radio show on Contact Talk Radio.  The feedback has touched my heart!  Thank you to everyone that has written to tell me and co-host Scott Paton how the show has impacted them!

If you did not get a chance to listen to the show live, check out the archive at http://ctrnetwork.com/profile/PhitandPhabulicious.  This is also the link to listen to the show live every Tuesday afternoon at 3pm PST.

On the show, one of the tools we discussed was an appreciation journal.  The exercise is to stand in front of a mirror naked and find three (3) things you like about your body.  This may not be easy or comfortable in the beginning!  You see, a lot of us have gotten in the habit of focusing on a negative body image…  Well, it’s time we change that!

There are many positive things about your body!  Look closely.  And if you have trouble finding them, ask someone for help.  You may be surprised at all the wonderful things the people in your life see in you!  Just ask the question, breathe and really take in their answers.

You are beautiful and you matter!


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While attending Dov Baron’s Authentic Speaker Academy for Leadership, one particular “code of conduct” especially stood out for me…

GRATITUDE:  I take nothing for granted. I release all entitlement and treat everything I receive as a gift.

What this means to me is I am not “owed” anything; I choose to say thank you for everything I receive even if it is something I did not request and even if I don’t particularly like it.  If someone takes the time to share with you, they deserve your gratitude.  I have found when I live in gratitude, I always receive more than I give.  

I am truly grateful for the people that have come into my life through my blog!  Thank you to all my friends, new and old!

What are you grateful for today?












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