I told you that the focus of my page was going from pounds lost, to simply feeling good about yourself.  You may be asking, “What does shooting a gun have to do with me feeling good?”

Well, it isn’t specifically about shooting a gun.  It’s about allowing yourself to try new things.  What have you have always wanted to do, but never got around to trying?

I believe we all have unfulfilled desires and I have decided to start crossing some off my list.  I got my first tattoo and applied to legally change my name.  I also took the Canadian Firearms Safety course and the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety course, so I can go to a range and try shooting a gun.

I was not aware of the very restrictive laws around guns in Canada until I took this course.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe we need laws to keep everyone safe, I just feel that some of the laws currently in place are a bit ridiculous.

Did you know that you cannot go into a store and touch a gun without a gun license?  Did you know that if you own a gun, you have to store it locked and separate from your ammunition in your home?  And if you wish to transport your gun to the range for practice, you must have a second license, and even then, you can only go straight from your home to the range?  Do not even think about going a block out of your way to pick something up from the grocery store, you could be arrested and lose your license and gun!

When I filled out the license application, I learned about another rule.  This one made me chuckle when I first read it, but after giving it some thought, I do feel it is a really great idea!  If you have gone through a divorce in the two years prior to making your application, your ex must sign your application confirming they feel it is safe for you to use a gun.  Even if they don’t have the nerve to tell you to your face that they refuse to sign the form, they can still vote no by calling the 800 number provided on the form, right next to where they sign.  The form advises them to call in private, after signing, to voice their opinion if they have any concerns about their safety or your mental stability.

I understand that not everyone wants to try shooting a gun, but what have you always wished you could do?  Ride a motorcycle?  Waterski?  Bungee jump… naked (or not)?

Did you know the biggest regret of the dying is not fulfilling their dreams?

Make a list of everything you’ve always dreamed of doing. Then get up and start crossing things off your list, one at a time.  Do it now!  There is never going to be a “right” time!

Do not allow yourself to become one of those people that dies with regrets!


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