Definition of champion:  A Warrior, a Fighter / A militant advocate or defender / One who does battle for another’s rights or honour

I am here to be your champion in weight loss!  I’m not a champion because I’m a winner; because I lost weight and have kept a healthy weight range for the past 2 years. No, that’s not what makes a champion. What makes a champion is getting up every day knowing it’s a new day and you can’t get by on what has gone before.

Look closely at people like Michael Jordan or Muhammad Ali and you will see the discipline, the perseverance and the commitment that went into their success.  They didn’t sit back and relax once they had achieved a certain level of success.  They realized they had to keep at it every day to retain that success!

The problem with trying to win the weight loss game is that “winning” suggests there’s an end. So of course you say “I’ve lost the weight… I’ve won!  Now I can go sit on the bench and not bother any more.”  Well, that’s not what a champion does.  A champion says “I won the race, now the work begins”.  This is a winner attitude vs a champion attitude.

Do you have what it takes to be a champion?  I’m betting you do!  You just need a little help along the way.  You need someone to talk to that knows where you are and what you need.  I wish I had me, this me, the one that’s talking to you, to come talk to me before I got to 430 lbs.  Maybe I wouldn’t have reached 430 lbs.  Maybe I would have stopped at 230 instead of adding another 200 lbs. on top of that! 

Reach out to me today.  Let me be your militant defender.  You can be a champion!

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